Monday, 18 May 2009

Nike Trainer 1

Nike has given new life to the iconic Trainer 1 first made famous back in 1989 by 2-sport legend Bo Jackson and the always colorful tennis star John McEnroe. The Trainer 1 was a multi-facted training shoe that got the job done across the board whether you were running, lifting weights, shooting hoops, playing baseball or just straight up engaging in almost any physical activity. The shoe had it all in terms of function, foot protection, durability and even looks.

Still very much desired and admired to this day by sneaker enthusiasts worldwide, Trainer 1 has come back onto the stage 20 years after its birth with some new amenities. Even though the shoe has seen some noticeable updates, it still maintains the same look and appeal that enamored athletes and collecors alike, while kicking it up a notch in the function and performance categories. Nike’s Flywire technology, previously found in fellow icons in the Nike Sportswear family, has crossed over to the world of Nike Training to increase the durability of the shoe, while lowering its weight drastically to meet the needs of today’s athlete. Diamond FLX, which made its debut in the Sister Series for women’s training, makes a very welcomed addition to the bottom sole increasing flexibility.

The shoe is great on many levels. You really have to try it on and give it a real go. Its lightweight frame and high level ofcomfort make it a great addition to the shoe rotation making for a nice pair of kicks to sport around, or something rugged to really tear it up in the gym with. Be on the lookout come July 1, 2009 when these hit retailers.


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